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Our customers come to us when they want the job done right the first time.

PQC offers a wide variety of business solutions for the real problems facing both public and private sector organizations. Our methods are proven and repeatable, and we would love the chance to discuss our methodologies. Our customers utilize our wealth of expertise and experience to discover new ways to increase profitability, expand markets, invest in employees, and move toward success.

Technology Services

PQC’s tech pros help our clients accelerate their business with dependable and sustained information technology, software development, configuration management, security and privacy for your platform. But more than that, we’re able to see what you need, make smart recommendations, and give you the best solution for the lowest cost.

Project Management

PQC’s project managers – seasoned analysts, technologists and executives – have developed the proven process that will make your projects come alive with less scope creep, uncontrolled change management and risk. The secret is repeatable processes, which we deploy in your unique environment.

Curriculum Development / Training

Better training means better performance, which obviously means more efficiency and potentially better profit. PQC’s certified instructional design and training pros develop a curriculum customized to your needs, including learning and task analysis, course training standards, education plans, study guides/workbooks and measurements.

Advisory & Assistance Services

We can dig deep into your buyer’s needs by conducting targeted research and surveys, providing competitive analysis to uncover your advantages, pinpointing business trends to help you develop stronger products or services, zeroing in on optimum pricing models, and helping you find ways to cut costs.